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High-end craftsmanship with a social mission!

We create magical connections by blending traditional artistry with modern technology to give you the best of both worlds.

Kukudushi's amazing functionality!

Because we care

By buying our unique hand made product, you are not just able to follow your very own marine animal.
You’re also helping us clean our oceans of plastic and debris and to provide work to those in need.
All to make the world a better place, for ourselves and our (future) children.

what is a kukudushi

Founded from art, inspiration and love.

A Kukudushi®️ is the transformed shell of a snail which goes by the Latin name of ‘Cerion Uva Uva’. This snail is exclusively found on Curaçao. It thanks its Papiamentu name from the early twentieth century, where it was exported to Germany to serve as food for turkeys.

Kukudushi incorporates NFC technology  to give u a unique experience together with a beautiful souvenir / jewelery.

Created by local artisans

Every piece is designed and created by local artisans and each design has a special connection to local culture & communities.

Charities we donate to

Discover Collections

We curate an array of collections and designs, celebrating diverse tastes and unique individuals. Every piece tells a story tailored to embrace the varied beauty within our global community.


Why Choose us

A unique souvenir made just for you!

Incorporates NFC technology to foster magical connections!

Sustainable Materials

Where eco-conscious elegance meets Kukudushi magic – explore our commitment to sustainable materials that adorn you and the planet with grace

Local Artisans

Discover the heartbeat of Kukudushi through the hands of our local artisans. Each piece carries the soul of Curaçao, crafted with passion and pride

Social Impact

More than jewelry, it's a promise. Uncover the essence of Kukudushi's social mission, where every purchase nurtures dreams and leaves a lasting impact on our beloved community

What they say about us

Whispers of admiration….. Real Stories from the Kukudushi community

Angelina Ecstatic Explorer

Kukudushi is pure magic! The moment I tapped my pendant against my phone and experienced the enchanting light show, I was hooked. It's not just jewelry; it's an experience that I carry with me every day. A touch of Curaçao's magic wherever I go!

Samuel Devoted Patron

As a serious believer in the power of local craftsmanship, Kukudushi has exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail in each piece, combined with the social mission, makes it a truly special brand. Proud to wear a piece of Curaçaoan

Steph Grateful Receiver

Received a Kukudushi pendant as a gift, and it's become my go-to accessory. The vibrant colors, the touch of the island's sands, and the twinkling lights inside – it's like carrying a piece of paradise everywhere. A heartfelt gift indeed!

Joan Enchanted Admirer

Kukudushi is not just jewelry; it's a portal to the beauty of Curaçao. The intricate designs and the incorporation of local elements tell a story of craftsmanship and culture. I've never been so captivated by a piece of jewelry before!" - Enchanted Admirer

Martha Inspired Trendsetter

I've tried many jewelry brands, but Kukudushi stands out with its unique blend of elegance and innovation. The tracker and light feature when scanned is mesmerizing, and the commitment to supporting local charities adds a layer of purpose. Kukudushi is more than a brand; it's a movement!

Janique Blissful Fan

Kukudushi brings joy and radiance into my life. The pendant is not just a beautiful accessory; it's a mood lifter. The twinkling lights and the touch of Curaçao's essence make it my favorite piece in the jewelry box. Kukudushi, you've won my heart!

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