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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

It is not possible to change the functionality after your purchase. Only during the order process you can choose a functionality for free.

The technique we use is called Near-field Communication (NFC). It's a technology that allows devices like smartwatches, provided with an NFC-scanner, to exchange small bits of data with other devices. Perhaps most significantly, NFC doesn’t require an app or to jump through the kind of hoops that you may be used to with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices. There are no manual pairing, device discovery steps or passwords to deal with. All you need to do is tap your smartphone against your Kukudushi. It should immediately be detected and ready to go. See also our instruction videos

This is how you keep your Kukudushi's beautiful!

• Take your Kukudushi off while exercising, sleeping and showering

• Take them off when applying or cleaning products such as make-up, perfume, cream or hairspray

• Store a Kukudushi in a dry place (preferably not in the bathroom) and store it in a closed box so that it does not discolour due to sunlight or humidity

Also good to know: sometimes the pH value of the skin can influence whether or not jewelry discolors. That's why it's best not to wear them day and night, but to take them off regularly.

Kukudushi animal tracking  (or Geolocation access) is a free feature and based on information from animal tracking or movement studies of the various species represented. This information is then processed and published through the Kukudushi by our operators to provide a fun and accessible experience at all times.

Although we manually edit every piece of data offered on the animal's virtual screen, server errors may occur, making the visible information temporarily inaccessible or incorrect.

No need to worry !
If you have a problem with your 'magic' which lasts longer than 24 hours, simply contact our customer service team here and we'll deal with it as quickly as possible.

We donate all of our profits to organizations who care about our environment. See also homepage.

We do not mention exact amounts, but you can contact the organizations that can be found on this website to obtain confirmation of our donations.

a Kukudushi® is a protected trademark, invented and created on the tropical island Curaçao. You can buy a Kukudushi® online in our web shop or at our local retailers. With every purchase you will receive a certificate of authenticity.

We offer preferential rates to companies, attractions, museums or businesses that wish to offer our Kukudushi's for sale.

If you are interested, contact us at

We can enter into a collaboration so that you can have your own (company) kukudushi designed. For example with your logo or other elements recognizable for your company.


Delivery times are 3 to 15 working days depending on the request, the country and our shipping capacity.

Each package is visible with a tracking number.

Worldwide shipping for $9.99 including track & trace

For international shipments payment of duties, taxes and other fiscal charges are typically the responsibility of the receiver and depends on the policy of your country of residence. 

A tracking confirmation email is sent right after your order is shipped.

You will find all the tracking info updated from this email.

If you did not receive it after 3 working days, check your spam or contact us by email so we can help you.

There is no problem without a solution!

Contact us via email with your order number so we can help you.

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