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Kukudushi Master Nona

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Kukudushi Master

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

Master Sign 2024

FROG / TOA : symbol of the Arawaks, the native inhabitants of Curacao.

Frog / Toa

An Arawak legend say that the god Guahoyona kidnapped all the women of the island, leaving the men to take care of the children, who from hunger began to cry “toa toa” or mother-mother. When the children could not be comforted by the men, they turned into frogs.

Artisanal work is my passion!

About Me

With the first kukudushi I ever made I realized that I found this side of me that I never imagined of having. I felt like a true artist working with the natural materials originating from Curaçao. I now create my art with love, dedication and pride.

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